How to Write a TOEFL Essay Introduction

The introduction is the most important paragraph of your TOEFL essay.

The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay, and it is important to make a good impression here. If you don't start out well, it will be difficult to convince your readers (or the TOEFL assessor!) to take your writing seriously. Here's what you should know about the introduction:

  • First paragraph of the essay
  • Usually 3 to 5 sentences long
  • Introduces the essay topic
  • Clearly gives your opinion
  • Has a strong thesis statement

All introductions must meet these five conditions. If it is missing one or two of them, then it is a weak introduction.

Beginning the introduction

The best way to begin the introduction is with a general statement about the essay topic. This explains what the essay is going to be about and mentally prepares the reader for the arguments that will follow. Do not give your opinion in this sentence--this is only a general statement about the topic.


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