How to Write a TOEFL Essay Introduction


Here's an example of what a typical first sentence looks like:

Many communities have been debating whether or not police officers should carry guns.

You can see that there is no opinion in this sentence; it is only a general statement about the essay topic.

Developing the introduction

After we have written our first sentence, it is time to develop the introduction. We do this by adding a few more general statements about the topic. One strategy you can use is to explain both sides of the argument. Here's an example:

In some situations, guns protect the police officer as well as the public. However, guns often result in injuries and death.

By explaining both both sides of the argument (this is called contrasting), you show the reader that you have thought carefully about the issue.

You should also know that when you contrast both sides of the argument, it is better to begin with the side of the argument that you do not agree with. This is more natural in English, and your essay introduction will develop logically toward the thesis statement.


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