How to Write a TOEFL Essay Body

The body is the meat and bones of your TOEFL essay.

The body of the essay is everything that comes between your introduction and the conclusion. Here's what you need to know:

  • It's usually 2 paragraphs long.
  • Each paragraph has 1 topic sentence.
  • Each paragraph has 3 to 5 supporting ideas.
  • Its goal is to support thesis statement.
Paragraphs in the Body

Each paragraph of the body supports the thesis statement. And each paragraph has the same structure--1 topic sentence followed by 3 to 5 supporting ideas. Like this:

Topic Sentence (first sentence)
  • supporting idea #1
  • supporting idea #2
  • supporting idea #3
  • supporting idea #4

It's okay if you don't understand topic sentences or supporting ideas. That's what we'll look at on the next page. Read on.


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