How to Write TOEFL Essay Topic Sentences


Writing a topic sentence

First we look at our thesis statement one more time:

No police officer should ever carry a gun.

Next we make a list of all the reasons why we believe our thesis statement is true. Here's what we have:

  1. There is already too much violence in the world.
  2. Police officers don't need protection.
  3. Guns cause more harm than good.
  4. Police officers like to shoot people.
  5. Guns frighten people.
  6. In most cases police officers don't need guns.
  7. Violence of any kind is a bad thing.

Now we simply choose the best reasons. Let's choose number 3 and number 6. They look like good reasons to me.

Now that we have two reasons that support our thesis statement, we are almost finished. We only have to put the finishing touches on, and we'll do that next.


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