TOEFL Essay Structure: Self Test 1


If you've had any trouble answering the questions, you may want to consider reviewing the TOEFL essay structure.

  1. How many paragraphs are there in the essay?
  2. Four.

  3. How many paragraphs are there in the essay body?
  4. Two.

  5. What is the thesis statement of the essay?
  6. Indeed, zoos offer benefits to people as well as to animals, which is why animals should be kept there.

  7. What transitional phrase is used at the beginning of the conclusion?
  8. In conclusion

  9. What are the two topic sentences in the essay's body?
  10. First of all, there are the educational aspects associated with zoos.

    In addition to offering unique educational opportunities for people, many zoos attempt to improve the plight of rare species by protecting them.

  11. How many transitional phrases are used in the second paragraph?
  12. 2 (first of all, moreover)

  13. What supporting ideas (sentences) are found in the second paragraph?
  14. Zoos provide an opportunity for people to encounter a wide variety of animals, including some strange and exotic ones.

    Children especially benefit from visits to the zoo, and in doing so they are given an opportunity to learn something about nature, the environment, and the animal kingdom.

    Moreover, zoos help children develop an appreciation for these things.


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